NoBoMet established a Memorandum of Understanding for the members and operation of the platform: Memorandum of Understanding (6 October 2011, version 3.1) 

Want to become a member?

Interested parties are invited to become member of the platform as member or associated member. Members have access to the members website and participate in the meetings. Members have one vote per body. Associated members have access to the members site only. Fill out the form below to request membership.

Application form membership NoBoMet

  • Responsible person

    This email address shall be linked to your account to access the website and will be used for further communication.
  • Minimum length of 10 characters.
    The password must have a minimum strength of Strong
    Strength indicator
  • Identification number as registered at the EU Enterprise and Industry website
  • Membership

    Member (50 Euro fee membership): The member has access to the member’s website, including discussion forum, and has the right to participate in the meetings (bearing own costs). It has the right to vote (one vote per notified body).
    Associated Member (free from fee): The associated member has access the member’s website only, including discussion forum.
  • Signing

    By signing this document the Notified Body commits to the rights and obligations as given in the MoU of 6 October 2011.