In 2010 the consortium of CMI, NMO, LNE, PTB, METAS and NMi took the initiative to establish the European Platform NoBoMet.

PTBLaboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais
National Measurement and Regulation OfficeNational Measurement and Regulation Office
MetasNMi Certin


NoBoMet cooperate with authorities and branch organisations:


  • OIML: the international organisation on legal metrology
  • European commission: the EU enterprise and industry
  • Welmec: European cooperation on legal metrology

Branch organisations

  • Cecip: European Weighing Industry Association
  • Cecod: Committee of European Manufacturers of Petroleum Measuring and Distributing Equipment
  • Esmig: European Smart Energy Solution Providers
  • Aqua: Association of Water and Heat meter manufacturers


The following notified bodies signed the MoU as full member:

NoBo Nº Name Country
0051 IMQ Italy
0071 LNE France
0086 BSI UK
0102 PTB Germany
0122 NMi Certin Netherlands
0126 NMO United Kingdom
0199 Force Technology Denmark
0200 Force Certification Denmark
0402 RISE Sweden
0424 Inspecta Finland
0431 Justervesenet Norway
0476 Kiwa Cermet Italy
0710 Kalibra Netherlands
1116 SGS France
1259 Metas-cert Switzerland
1304 SIQ Slovenia
1383 CMI Czech Republic
1432 SLM Slovekia
1440 GUM Poland
1450 INIG Poland
1543 AS Metrosert Estonia
1621 LEI Lithuania
1693 LNMC Latvia
1783 Turkish Standards Institution Turkey
1799 MDM Certificare Romania
1835 SRAC CERTSERV Romania
1863 Megacommerce Bulgaria
1887 Business Innovation Centre IZOT
1917 V&V VentMet Latvia
1957 BIM Bulgaria
2003 SRAC CERT Srl Ltd Italy
2081 CAMCOM Italy
2142 Tifernogaz Srl Italy
2161 Termes Latvia
2166 LABCERT Italy
2275 MRC Romania
2290 DNV GL Netherlands
2341 Unysyst Bulgaria
2468 ZIK Croatia

The following notified bodies signed the MoU as associated member:

NoBo Nº Name Country
0347 Northamtonshare Country Council United Kingdom
0594 Yorkshire & the Humber Authorities Verification Service United Kingdom
0710 Kalibra International Netherlands
2393 Metrolab Latvia
2418 Kalibra International Turkey
2706 DETI OOD Bulgaria
2711 Metrocentrs Latvia